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How do you know where your SEO stands as compared to your competitors? Competitive analysis provides insights into the gaps in your SEO and highlights SEO factors on which your competitors are scoring. Your website's SEO analysis will show where your SEO is lacking. By getting a professional competitor analysis as well as website SEO analysis, you can arm yourself with valuable information while forming the SEO strategy.

A thorough competitive analysis and technical compliance audit can be time consuming. You can save time and precious human resources by outsourcing competitor SEO analysis.

Website SEO Analysis at $100 per report

There are over 200 factors that a search engine evaluates a site on before deciding where to rank the site. Just content or links or Meta tags are not enough to rank consistently well in search results. One way to know what you need to do is to analyze what your competitors are doing that is successful. Some of the factors in a competitor SEO analysis would include:

  • Page Rank: What is your site's Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, etc., as compared to your competitors?
  • Indexed Pages: How many pages from your website are actually indexed by search engines as compared to your competitors' website? More pages around a central theme would add critical mass to a site's content. A site with more content around a central theme is more likely to rank better than other sites.
  • Inbound Links: How many inbound links do you have as compared to your competitors? How many are actually indexed in search engines? What is the linking text (anchor text) of incoming links to your site vs your competitors?
  • Theme: What word(s) do search engines see most commonly in your content? What is your site's theme? What terms do search engines associate with your site?
  • Keyword Density: How many times do keywords appear in your content? Is it too less or too much? Analyzing the keyword density of your ranking competitors can give insights on the ideal keyword density for pages in your site.
  • Technical Compliance: Comparing your site against its competitors on technical parameters like the presence of HTML and XML sitemaps, custom 404 error pages, 301/302 redirects, broken links, page load time and other technical factors that can impact your site's crawl-ability.
  • Keyword Ranking: How does your site rank for top relevant keywords as compared to your competitors? Do you rank for the right keywords? Do your competitors rank for them?

Write to us to get a competitor SEO analysis of your site.

Website SEO Audit report for $100 per report

SEO audit includes a deep analysis of your site's SEO compliance across over 20 technical parameters. The objective of an SEO audit is to identify gaps in your site's SEO compliance. Every aspect of SEO has an impact on your site's performance in search results. Some affect the results less than the others. However, ensuring SEO compliance across all or most of the SEO parameters also ensures that changes in search engine algorithms have little or no impact on your site's performance in search engines. Some of the factors of an SEO audit of your site would include:

  • Site navigation: Impact of image map based navigation, form based navigation, Flash based navigation, JavaScript navigation, etc.
  • Footers: Effective use of footer text and footer links
  • Sitemaps: Use of SEO compliant HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Redirects: Use of SEO compliant redirects
  • Broken Links: Identifying patterns in broken links on your site
  • URL: URL length, number of slashes, keywords in URLs, query strings in URLs, Session IDs in URLs, other dynamic parameters, etc.
  • Cookies: Use of cookies to track user-sessions on your site.
  • Canonical Tags: Are canonical tags used? If yes, is the use of canonical tags SEO compliant
  • Multiple Domains: If you own multiple domains, how is the content across these domains? Is it the same or extremely similar? If this is not the case, then how is the content cross-linked?
  • Duplication: Presence of duplicate content, duplicate titles and descriptions in your site
  • Error Pages: Use of a custom 404 error page in your site
  • Technologies: Use of JavaScripts, Flash and other technologies and their impact on your site's performance
  • Style Sheets: Use of style sheets in your site and optimizing style sheets
  • Robots.txt: Does your site have a robots.txt? If yes, is it well constructed?
  • Performance: Page load time and site performance
  • W3C Compliance: Is your site's code W3C compliant?
  • Black Hat: Can anything on your site seem suspicious to search engines and is there a threat of the site being penalized for black hat SEO?

These and many other parameters can be analyzed as part of our SEO audit. Write to us for an SEO audit of your website.

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