Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research for SEO

Most businesses have a fair idea of terms that they want to rank well on. However, knowing that is not enough. Sometimes, an extremely generic term is considered relevant, but may not be the best performing keyword, even if you managed to rank for it. On the other hand, you may be overlooking a large universe of keywords that is extremely relevant to your site content. Keyword research helps you in two ways:

Keyword research tells you what your target audience is searching for and helps you identify the core keywords that best reflect your business. These are the most important, directly relevant keywords that your website should aim to achieve rankings on. These keywords should be used liberally in the content across your site, be a part of your link building efforts, and be the linking text leading to the pages that you want to rank for these keywords. Often times, keyword research shows that a term that we felt was our number one keyword may not be searched for as much as some other related term.

Besides your core keywords, your target audience searches for a large number of related terms. You may not have optimized your site content for these terms. While these terms are searched for less, they can be extremely focused terms that can out-perform the top keywords in terms of conversion. These terms should be implemented in articles, blog posts and other useful information on your website, thereby adding critical mass and helping your website rank for a large number of relevant keywords.

Why Outsource Keyword Research?

If you have in-house SEO professionals, they could be better utilized in more strategic functions. Keyword research is often a time-consuming activity that can tie up in-house resources. Work pressure can result in concerted keyword research and SEO efforts taking a back-seat.

If you do not have in-house talent, outsourcing keyword research and other SEO requirements can be a more profitable option to hiring in-house talent.

Keyword research should ideally be a contunuous activity. Identifying the universe of keyword relevant to your business, analyzing keywords and grouping them into relevant themes for content enhancement, tracking changes in search volumes and trending keywords are activities that require focus, and constant attention. Outsourcing keyword research can add strength to your in-house SEO team or give you all the benefits of an in-house resource at a fraction of the cost.

Keyword research services for SEO

Whether you need to identify your core keywords, need help deciding which keyword should be targeted at a specific page within the site, or would like to create a universe of relevant keywords, VTech SEO can help you. We can even group your keywords into suggested themes for adding content on your site / blog. If you need help creating content, you can also benefit by using our article writing and blog writing services.

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